Gary's SCSI Poetry Page

Ode to SCSI

 By: Gary Field - Excerpted from "The Book of SCSI: I/O for the new Millennium"

You know that SCSI is the greatest,
Its performance can't be beat.
In any storage situation,
Its bus bandwidth's really neat.
Though the cables can get gnarly,
and termination's such a treat,
The flexibility is worth it,
and the multi-tasking's sweet.

When you need to add a scanner,
To  your disk and CD-ROM,
You just plug it on the bus,
(which can only be so long).
Then you load a device driver,
And scan and save with glee,
Without using another resource,
Try that with IDE!

A Scuzzy Limerick

 By: Gary Field - November 8, 2000

When creating a product for SCSI,
a designer got an idea fuzzy.
He though he would save,
but instead dug his grave,
for he chose a connector that's buzzy.

Damn Their Little Metal Souls

 By: Gary Field - November 9, 2000

If there's something about SCSI,
that really can be said,
it's "there's plenty of connectors",
to make any user dread.

So what was old Woz thinking,
when he used DB-25s,
on the Mac plus SCSI port?
Did he really think it jives?

This thing is just a dinosaur,
from before Bell 103,
Could it really be enough cheaper,
to make him sing with glee?

Following his example,
other cheapskates came,
using the same connector,
do they think this is a game?

It's caused so many problems,
since 1987,
If I never see another,
I'll know I went to Heaven!

Now designers one and all,
I can really sympathize
when your boss says "get the cost out",
it can bring tears to your eyes.

But, if you want to live with all of us,
who are using SCSI-3,
Then use the right connectors,
Or I'll put you 'cross my knee!

Last updated: November 10, 2000